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Element will be opening its doors to help families with school this year. We will be offering assistance for grades from K-12 by bringing in licensed educators to help the students navigate their way through their online courses and complete their assignments. Instructors will ensure students are progressing on their school work, staying on track with their assignments and will be available to answer questions on their school work.

Our mission is to provide consistency in these trying times, giving students a safe place where they can feel connected and supported. Students have the option to remain in online learning through their school district’s flex programs, allowing them to remain in Element Academy even if the district changes their format throughout the year to partial in class or even full time in class learning. Element Academy will remain a consistent place to learn for your student without all the unknowns of how the district may change throughout the year.

In addition to the curriculum that your child will bring, we will also enhance the following areas:

Students will need to provide their own curriculum from their school. The kids will also need to furnish their own equipment: laptops, books, notebooks, art supplies, etc. We will supply desks and chairs and current protocols to make the environment safe for all students and teachers. Class sizes are limited to 15 kids per pod and pods will be determined by age.


3 Days a Week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Half Time • 8am-12pm • $240/month
Full Time • 8am-3pm • $400/month

5 Days a Week
Half Time • 8am-12pm • $420/month
Full Time • 8am-3pm • $600/month

10% discount for siblings • Registration Fee: $25.00
*Times and prices are subject to change

Extra Curriculars

We have programs in place for extra curriculars throughout the day if families are interested! These programs come at an extra cost but make for a more well-rounded school day!


Students may register to take dance classes at Element Dance Studio. We offer a variety of classes and styles including lyrical, ballet, hip hop, jazz, breaking, acro, and more. Class schedules can be found on our website at

Tuition (per class per month)
1-2 Classes - $60/class
3-4 Classes - $55/class
5-6 Classes - $50/class
7-8 Classes - $45/class
Unlimited (9+) - $375/Month

*15-25% discount available for siblings

Download the Schedule


Exercise is essential for children. Kids need 200-300 minutes of exercise each week. Intrinsic P.E. gives them the opportunity to have fun moving and enjoying exercise through a variety of fitness modalities. Intrinsic physical education is offering sessions 3-5 days a week for 60-minute classes. Students will get a fun and positive experience and passionate environment. The gym is just around the corner from our classroom and students will be dropped off and picked up.

Classes will be offered Monday – Friday at 3 pm. Prices are $120 per month for part time attendance (12 classes per month) or $200 for full time attendance (20 classes per month).

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More information coming soon!

School Pictures

Just like school, we will have a day for school pictures to remember this unique year we are having! More information will be sent in coming weeks.

Food Options

Kids will need to bring their own snacks, drinks and lunches with them. In lieu of "hot lunch" the kids can opt to order lunch. This will be an additional charge. We will make the list of restaurants known for each week so that you can choose which days to participate. Example: Taco tuesday from Taco Bell.

School Calendar

This is the calendar that Element Academy will be using for the school year.

Download the Calendar



Q: Can my child attend even if they aren’t associated with the dance studio?
A: Yes, we’re opening our doors to the community in addition to our dancers.

Q: Is there a pre-K option?
A: No, unfortunately, we are only supplying services to K-12

Q: Are the teachers licensed?
A: Yes, our teacher is licenced.

Q: Is there before/after school care available?
A: At this time, we are only offering school services. We do have the optional classes from 3:00 to 5:00 pm that We offer: Element Dance Studio and Intrinsic Physical Education

Q: Is there a drop-in option?
A: Due to concerns with capacity and maintaining reduced contact, at this time, we do not have a drop in option. This could be a possibility in the future if space allows.

Q: When is payment due and is it monthly?
A: Yes, payment is monthly and is due by the 5th of each month.

Q: What if we decide to change our commitment level - more days, less time, drop out altogether - is that to occur on a monthly basis?
A: We will work with you on adjustments as needed. We do require a 30 day notice to leave.

Q: If my child is sick or cannot attend for another reason, do we get a credit or refund?
A: Just like “normal school” if your child misses a day or more, there is no refund. Our staff is paid whether your student is there or not.

Q: How will it work when students need to interact with teachers over Zoom or Google Classroom? I understand you will have desks and seating; students will need to have headsets with microphones or Airpods; it would be good to understand expectations/norms/rules about how this will work. Will there be desk time for online learning and a "couch" area for reading?
A: Yes we will have different areas set up for different learning styles and scenery changes as needed. (We will not have a couch style seating available due to COVID concerns)

Q: Will there be a printer available for kids to print out worksheets?
A: Yes We will have a printer available for printing.

Q: Where will kids eat lunch? Lunch area? Socially distanced or not for eating time?
A: We will be cleaning the areas for the students to eat at their desk in the same area. There is a small kitchen and there will be social time allowed during lunch. (with distancing) We will also be doing hot lunch (Subway, Taco Bell, ect. so your student can order lunch each day) There will be a lunch account set up that you can deposit money into weekly for hot lunch options.

Q: Can kids who have the same curriculum work together in a small group?
A: If the teacher sees that students are learning the same material, small groups can be formed to help finish the assignments.

Q: Dogs allowed?
A: As much as Element Dance Studio loves our dog family members, we feel they will be a distraction for kids in general.

Q: Are you flexible with the three days we choose?
A: Yes, as space allows, once you have committed we can be flexible on the three days your student chooses to attend.

Q: What is the start date for Element Academy?
A: We will be starting September 14th. If schools push their dates back, so will we. We follow the Hillsboro School District’s calendar.

Q: What holidays will it be closed?
A: We will follow the Hillsboro School District’s calendar.

Q: Will students get breaks throughout the day?
A: The school style set up will be an individual study with access to a certified teacher to help them with complicated assignments and to help keep them on track. There will be breaks throughout the day!

Q: Are there any specific school supplies that will be needed in addition to those listed by their school?
A: Earphones with a microphone would be required for in-class meetings. They will need their own laptop/ipad. We also ask students to donate a ream of printer paper, a bottle of clorox wipes, and a package of tissue at the beginning of the season.


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